Yesterday, I awoke on a mission.

Luckily—for both my taste buds and dishware—this mission did not involve devising a microwaveable strawberry syrup.

Nor did it involve tackling the mound of writing projects that has kidnapped me from the blogosphere as of late. Though, perhaps, it should have. And, perhaps, I should not have just admitted to procrastinating those aforementioned projects when my employers read my blog. Lo siento :).

Well, no use in crying over spilled milk words…

Yesterday’s mission was of the nut butter nature.

And it was prompted by dos nut butter revelations.

Nut Butter Revelation #1: I currently have 13 open jars of nut butter residing in my pantry. As someone who once declared herself too anal to have more than one nut butter open at once, this revelation made me incredibly anxious. And the OCD-freak in me immediately decided that it was time to clear out some of those nut butters. Fear not. By clear out, I clearly mean consume.

Nut Butter Revelation #2: There is one buttah, in particular, that’s been occupying shelf space longer than the rest: cashew butter. If you recall, I first tried cashew butter back in November, and my sticky-mouthed verdict was,  “meh.” Since then, I’ve dipped in for several “let’s give this another shot”-spoonfuls. But, time and again, the taste underwhelms me, and I deliberately neglect consumption. Clearly. Since five months after opening the jar, nearly three quarters remain. Not to sound like a guy, but I swear that’s never happened before.

And so, Mission Learn to Like Cashew Butter commenced.


The unusual suspects:


Cashew butter, cranberry pomegranate pepper jelly and hummus? For breakfast? I’ve tried to like cashew butter in all the conventional ways—atop granola, cereal, oats, straight up—so I figured it might take some stepping outside the breakfast box to convert my cashew butter-blocking taste buds.

The breakfast strategy:

Slather a toasted sandwich thin with cashew butter.


Add bountiful dollops of cranberry pomegranate pepper jelly and tahini hummus.




Let those loco flavors meld.




And… enjoy!?

¡Sí! I looooooved this breakfast. Sure, the cashew butter got by with a little help from his jelly and hummus friends. But if Mission Learn to Like Cashew Butter calls for a little crazy flavor combining, I’m all for it.

Since I’d already gone down the hummus for breakfast path, I figured I’d wrap up my meal with a little manzana and Sabra duet.


Lunch wasn’t very mission-minded—but it was FANTASTIC.


Quesadilla with Boar’s Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken


Melty fresh mozzarella…


and Frank!

The ‘cado and peppers were added for prettification/nutrification/they-were-on-their-last-leggification.

(The green fruta, though, is part of my ongoing mission to learn to like avocados. I know, I know. I’m the only person food blogger in the mundo who doesn’t love avocados. Much like with cashew butter, I find their taste really underwhelming. But they’re pretty fantastic for you—and I always have an abundance of ‘em en mi casa (and can’t watch food go bad… another OCD thang)—so I’m trying, people.)

I did get some cashews in at lunchtime—in non butter form—with a side of homemade trail mix.


Cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate chunks, dried cherries, craisins and raisins—the lunch dessert of all lunch desserts en mi libro :).

Dinner kicked off with una ensalada enorme.


La mezcla: mounds of romaine, shrimpies, grilled onion, grilled portobello, oil-cured black olives, hard-boiled egg whites, salsa and cottage queso.


I’m in love with this Crate + Barrel bowl for its ability to host my massive ensaladas. Because eating out of mixing bowls makes for less-than-photogenic fotos…


Also pretty in love with this DELICIOUS duo.

To continue on with the day’s mission, I decided to try out another crazy cashew butter flavor combo in dinner parte dos.


Brown and wild rice con Soy Vay and cashew butter.

I’ve mentioned my hypothesis that Soy Vay makes everything taste better—and this crazy concoction confirmed it.

Teriyaki sauce + cashew butter? Success!


I wanted to make the cashew butter into a sauce, but I was out of milk. So, needless to say, there were some pretty sticky bites. I didn’t mind them :).

Dessert was Neapolitan ice cream revised, with cashew butter playing the chocolate role.



So, after un dia de cashew butter, am I convert? Not so much. On its own, I still think it’s really blah. Swimming in a delicious sea of White Chocolate Wonderful, Barney Butter and Naturally Nutty, cashew butter drowns.

However, I certainly discovered delicioso accomplices that make cashew butter consumption an enjoyable experiencia. What are your thoughts on cashew butter? Any suggestions for other flavor combos that’ll help me get through the jar more quickly? I’m on a mission here, people…

Happy humpdia!