My long lost foodies! Vida has gotten extraordinarily busy—in bueno and exciting ways—but I just wanted to quickly check in and challah!


To all my chosen foodies, I wish you a feliz Passover! (Yes, I realize that challah is not kosher for Passover—but who am I to suppress the irresistible allure of the overdone holla/challah pun?)

I hope all of your Seders are filled with food, familia and, most importantly, balls!


And, to all my food-loving gentiles, I urge you to get in on the matzo action. If balls aren’t your thing (though, let’s be serious…), perhaps you’d fancy some French toastified matzo?mld103286_0408_matzo_l

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Or  perhaps chocolate-covered matzo?


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I’m off to la cocina to make some matzo miracles with Martha’s recipes in-hand. Are you celebrating Passover? What’s your favorite matzo goodie? To my non-Joodies (Jew-foodies?), what’s your take on matzo? Love it, hate it, no desire to venture into unleavened breadland?

Be back soon with normal foodie shenanigans and a recap of whatever matzo madness is about to commence in my cocina!