Reporting live from the NYC Blizzard of 2010,

where unwavering flurries are following DC’s trend.

En mi casa, en mi cama, is where this entire day shall pass.

Needless to say, I skipped out on my humpday pilates class.

This was probably for the best, as I’ve been under the weather.

But, today, despite the frio forecast, I’m feeling much better.

Still, the last two dias of eats bear little food blog allure.

Envision pita, hummus, sopa, pretzel and popcorn galore.

Not the healthiest choices, but my illness, they did mend.

For when I’m enferma, carbs are my friend.

But a lack of foodie photos is not something you should mourn,

As I’m about to bestow upon you mucho food porn.

These random weekend eats are uncommon to my standard foodie style,

And I kept thinking to myself, “Well, I haven’t had that in a while…”

First up, we have Nilla wafers, a childhood favorite of mine.

Topped with peanut butter and raisins? Even más divine.


But what if those glorious components met wheat bread and a grill?


Why you’d have a Nilla PB raisin panini— a foodgasmic thrill.


We’ll get to more Nilla lovin’ later, if you can bear the anticipation.

For now, I’d like to share another panini-pressed creation.

This one features something else I’ve not had in a while:

Pollowhich, for over a month, has been absent from my foodie file.


And I’m muy feliz to have it back because this sandwich was amazing.

The corn, roasted peppers and melty queso are also worth praising.

The star ingredient, though, was one I newly came across.


‘Twas sweet and spicy perfection in the form of sauce.

Next up, another goodie I’ve not had since I was a kid:

Pillsbury dinner rolls, which, in the future, I shall forbid.


Delicious they may be, but when you consume more than two…

A bellyache will ensue, and, unlike the doughboy, you won’t be saying “hoohoo!"

Something else I haven’t tasted since I was a child?

Hostess cupcakes—though this version is upgraded and restyled.


Mucho mejor than the infamous packaged treat,

This grande cupcake hails from Crumbs, on 42nd street.

It was a most delicious payment for the cooking session you’re about to witness,

Which was done with amor for mi amigo who hasn’t been eating his best.

You see, since living on his own, he’s not had a home cooked meal.

So I was happy to fix that. (Plus, cupcakes for cooking is my kind of deal.)

I whipped up enough comida to last him through the week’s end.

To quote Gretchen from Mean Girls, “it’s because I’m SUCH a good friend.”

Onto the goods: You may be wondering, what’s in that pot?


My famoso fried rice. Only it’s not.


A healthified, un-fried creation that I’m dying to share,

I’m still perfecting the recipe, but its debut is near.

Let us redirect our attention to what’s cooking in the oven.


Claro que si, it’s more pollo lovin’.

The first step was a pollo pan-searing party.


Then it was broiled with increible jalapeño havarti.

I left mi amigo with a sweet finale—always a must.


Cream Cheese Oreo Pudding Pie in a Nilla Wafer Crust!

On that note, I will conclude this impromptu rhyme.

Hope everyone’s hump-dias were sublime!