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Marry me, por favor.

But let’s address this whole Indecision 2009 thing. No, I’m not spewing out another political rant. I’m simply deeming yesterday the most indecisive food day of 2009. My cravings were either conflicting, ambiguous or non-existent—which made for a day full of the “I don’t know what to eat” bah humbugs. (In case you were wondering, that is official medical terminology.)

Indecisive quandary #1: Eggs or oats?

Decision: Both.


In le bowl: 1/2 cup oats cooked in 1 cup water; espinacas; 3 egg whites; melty queso mexicana y salsa.

Indecision worked in my favor here because I got to experience the best of both breakfast worlds.


Incredible. If ever you find yourself in an eggs-or-oats-dilemma, I strongly suggest you allow the opposing forces to collaborate.

Indecisive quandary #2: Apples or oranges?

Decision: Neither.


Pretty persimmon to the rescue.


Mostly because neither apples nor oranges are photogenic. And oranges are quite possibly the most annoying fruit to peel.

Indecisive quandary #3: Cream cheese + hot sauce or hummus + hot sauce?

Decision: Again, both.


One of the reasons I adore sandwich thins, English muffins or, uh, your standard duo of dos pieces of bread: they are muy indecision-friendly.

So, who wore it better? (It being the sriracha, of course…)

The Sabra-sriracha combination never disappoints…


…but Philadelphia took this round.


So much so that lunch parte dos also featured cream queso.

Indecisive quandary #4: Cream cheese or American?

Decision: Fine—this wasn’t a quandary. I knew I wanted both.


I realize this was a fruit and veggie-less, carbarific lunch. But on such an indecisive food day—when I knew exactly what I wanted, I ran with it.

Fear not, I got my fruits and veggies in later.

Afternoon snackage brought on a repeat of indecisive quandary #2. This time, the decision was both.


Consumption and documentation of both affirmed my previous statements. Apples and oranges are not nearly as photogenic as persimmons. And oranges are a female perro to peel.

Indecisive quandary #5: Sopa o ensalada?

Decision: Eating a lot of Panera’s You Pick Two made this one easy. Both.

Simple ensalada.


In the mix: baby spinach, avocado, cucumbers, shrooms, onions, celery, strawberries and salsa. Con celery salt and honey balsamic.

The sopa hailed from a can.


I’ve never tried this type before—and I usually find Progresso soups sort of watered-down—but this was really good!


It had mucho in the way of barley, corn y patatas—and I will definitely get it again.


And because I’m a devout carb chica, adding a third component to dinner was another easy decision.

Especially since I had a hefty stash of fresh whole wheat pita, along with a tub of Sabra just asking to be polished off.


Dessert is one part of my day that almost never involves indecision. The answer is almost always…


I realize most of my decisions involved finding a way to cater to both of my conflicting cravings. I figure if there’s a way to keep everyone my stomach feliz—why not? How do you respond to food indecisiveness? (Otherwise known as the I don’t know what to eat” bah humbugs…)

Happy jueves, mis foodies!