Jueves is almost over, and we all know what that means… casi viernes!

NYC got a little loco today and busted out the 65° and sunny weather. In Decemeber.

I warmly welcomed the winter sol because this city’s weather gods have been sort of schizo lately.

As in, there’s a chance of snow this weekend.

And there was a monsoon yesterday. But we’ll get to that later.

I awoke on Wednesday morning in a snackie state of mind. I sort of sprung out of bed (and by sprung, I mean slowly rolled) and immediately commenced grazing. Pre-breakfast and—gasp—pre-coffee, my taste buds were exclusively interested in snacks.

I did a little work in the way of pretzels, peanut butter chips and raisins before making the executive decision to channel my snackage into a legitimate breakfast.

I figured the pretzels might kill the breakfast vibe—and be kind of awkward in milk—but I threw a handful of PB chips and a handful of raisins over a bowl of Kashi Honey Sunshine and almond milk.


I know the raisin addition doesn’t change the fact that I’m a breakfast repeaterbut I’m mildly addicted to Honey Sunshine right now. Con PB chips? I’m not sure this is ever going to get old.

As I’ve said, I’ve never really been a cereal person. I think this, in part, is due to the fact that cereal never keeps me full for long. Enter vida-changing Honey Sunshine, which has done an oat-worthy job of keeping me full horas after breakfast.

I’m not sure if this is because (a) Honey Sunshine has mysterious fullness-achieving superpowers, (b) the raisins, PB chips and/or nut butter spoons are doing the heavy hunger lifting or (c)  I’ve only recently started eating my cereal out of the grande bowls and am likely eating double/triple servings.

It’s likely all of the above—though I’m fond of theory A.

When cereal fullness subsided and snackiness resumed, I had one of the least attractive honeycrisps I’ve ever consumed.

(I realize that rhymed. For once, it was not intentional.)


I judged it for its dull pigmentation—but its honeyness and crispiness ultimately made me forget its ugly ducklingness.

Lunch, too, was snackie in its own right.


In a whole wheat wrap: thick layer of chive cream cheese, spinach, balls, mustard and hot sauce.

Its snackiness? Despite its legitimate mealness (I hope I never have a writing job that necessitates the use of real words), it is inherently snackie due to its origin.


Sí, you’ve likely seen this jalapeño popper wrap before. I followed mi chica’s instructions to a T to ensure amazing jalapeño popperness, and all I have to say to is OHMYGAH and gracias.

I can’t wait to embrace what is sure to become a full-fledged addiction.

On the side, I had some zucchini.


Bueno, but I can’t wait to have a kitchen so I can reunite with my beloved grilled green cheetahs. The toaster oven’s really not cutting it.

Snackiness continued by way of Newman’s Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps.


I saw the beginning and end of that bag in a single sitting. This was allowed since it was a SnackFace day.

No, really. Yesterday was actually a SnackFace day because that hot date I mentioned was with NYC’s newest resident-snacker.

I’d intended to meet her after work for a nice long stroll over to the Tribeca restaurant, Mocca Lounge, where we were heading for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, weather.com warned me that it was going to monsoon during our planned walk, so Plan A was a no-go. (Actually, weather.com just said it was going to rain. I told Kailey it was going to monsoon because I prefer more descriptive words. Karma, being the B that she is, actually presented us with monsoon conditions later that evening. Lo siento, chica.)

Plan B had Kailey brave the treacherous NYC transit and meet me in Tribeca. We embraced and then got to business.


That’d be the amazing happy hour vino, which went down easier than agua. For this reason, cuatro rounds were had.

Sips were broken up by non-stop intellectual stimulation. In fact, we were so busy sipping and soulmateing that we didn’t even look at the menu until our waiter’s umpteenth attempt to take our order.

We decided to be the snackie foodies that we are and share our comida.

This obviously involved a Mediterranean platter.


Grape leaves, ensalada, hard-boiled egg,


Amazing mystery dip, hummus and the best falafel balls ever.


Seriously, look at that green monster.


Oh, and we may have discovered the world’s fattest, fluffiest, most incredible pita bread.


We got a round dos because when you discover perfection, you embrace it.


And then I peer-pressured Kailey into splitting the non-vegan Mediterranean Quesadilla—which featured goat & mozzarella cheeses, roasted eggplant and hummus.


This was AMAZING. And I’m so happy that mi SnackCara (SnackFace en Spanglish, duh) is being a lenient vegan when need be so that she can fully experience all NYC comida has to offer.

After, uh, seis horas of eating, drinking and being the merriest foodies in all of NYC—we looked outside to realize that it was actually monsooning. Being the chica inteligente that I am, I did not bring an umbrella. I made it down one block of my five-minute walk to the train before begrudgingly hopping in a cab.

Monsoon aside, it was a wonderfully snackie noche, and I can’t wait to see more of my new-to-New York amiga! Expect mas Snack Diaries over the next few weeks. (True story: Somebody regularly Googles “snack diaries” and ends up at my blog. I hope that, whoever you may be, you enjoy your Google search coming to fruition.)