Mi gente guapa, it has been too long!

Once again…


And by computer, I mean Windows Live Writer. That pestilent publishing program went on a 48-hour post binge. Every time I wrote—and re-wrote and re-wrote—a post on Tuesday and Wednesday, WLW swallowed it. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the program, and I’m crossing my fingers that this post finds its way into the blogosphere.

Some muy delicioso eats were had on Monday and Tuesday, but I’m sure you can understand that, after uploading those meals/writing the accompanying posts for the last two days, I have no desire to look at those photos any longer. Just takes me to a bad place…

Worry not. This simply means that I will have to re-create all of Monday’s and Tuesday’s goodies in the very near future :).

So, miércoles:

While this appears to be a standard cup of coffee, it’s actually Mama Pea’s pumpkin latte.

My version didn’t get as wondrously foamy as hers due to my lack of a Magic Bullet, but it was magically pumpkiny nonetheless.IMG_2211

1/2 cup almond milk, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and Truvia vigorously shaken and then added to a cup of coffee

Mama Pea, me gusta your version mucho mejor than Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. Even without the bonita foam :).

Breakfast featured THE BIG APPLE. As in, you’ve got some serious competition, NYC. This organic New Zealand Braeburn was GRANDE.


Into the bfast mix also went a much more rationally-sized apple good: AppleBerry Vita.


And voila

Peachy Keen Apples and Cream


1/2 of the Frankenstein Braeburn—microwaved in cinnamon, almond milk and brown sugar—and the thawed VitaTop got friendly with a container of cream peach yogurt for a 3-way yogurt hug, a la K.

Glorious. For once, I didn’t turn this bowl into a complete mess post-food photog. I’m finding I prefer keeping my Vitas in tact during loving yogurt embraces; it makes it easier to create perfect big-chunk-o-Vita bites.

As for the the AppleBerry flavor, it was bueno not fantástico. I’m not sure I’d ever enjoy a bran Vita on its own; but it is SO perfecto in the company of a little dairy amor. (This makes me wonder: would a Vita be good chopped up and eaten with milk? Curioso…)

I ate the other half of the world’s biggest apple straight up, and down to the core. While I love sliced apples accompanied by the always aesthetically pleasing nut butter drizzle or cinnamon sprinkle, it is so satisfying to just bite into a big one every now and then. (Channeling Michael Scott…)

I continued on this apple-venture when I got snacky before lunch. All out of monster manzanas, I went for a medium-sized honeycrisp.

Cinnamon Sugar Fruit Cereal


By now, you know how much I adore fruit cereal, right? I know I’m not alone on this one.

I usually add almonds, figs, raisins and whatever other dried fruit I have on hand—but I wanted the honeycrisp-cinnamon-sugar trio to be the stars of this fruit cereal bowl. (Those first-class figs always have a way of making themselves the featured flavor, don’t they?)

So this fruit cereal mix was simply:

1 honeycrisp, chopped; 1 tbsp. flax, cinnamon, Truvia and 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk.

I let it marinate in the fridge for about 10 minutes—G-d only knows how I mustered up that self-control—because I think fruit cereal is exponentially more flavorful when the fruit really soaks up the almond milk flavor.

Cinnamony, sugary Truvia-y Honeycrisp perfección


This bowl of flavor exquisiteness confirmed a theory I’ve been developing regarding Truvia. It is best enjoyed as a topping/sweetener in solid foods—oatmeal, fruit, etc. In coffee or tea? Eh, liquids really don’t amplify Truvia’s sweetness potential. It tastes so different when combined with solids versus liquids. This said, I think I’ll be sticking to either regular sugar or no sugar in my coffee, and enjoying this sweet stevia in oat bowls and such.

Now, lunch gets to the title of this post.

You know how I’ve been sort of obsessed with cheesy savory oats?

Well, yesterday, I ventured back into Asian savory oat-dom.

The first bowl of savory oats to ever woo me was of the Asian persuasion—so I feel guilty for neglecting this delicious breed in favor its cheesy brethren as of late.

And so, I decided it was time for the Chew and the Asian savory oat bowl to reunite.


In the mix: 3/4 cup old-fashioned oats cooked in 1 cup of water, 1 tbsp. soy sauce and—a new HIGHLY RECOMMENDED addition—1 tbsp. Soy Vay; topped with steamed baby carrots, broccoli and sriracha.

Soy Vay is majestic. Whenever I go without it for a while, I forget how incredible its flavor is—along with the fact that it makes anything taste better. Seriously. Anything.


I’m not going rank Asian oats against their cheesy contender. They are both unfailingly satisfying and flavorfully impressive. Special in their own ways ;).

Shortly after, I got snacky with some highly addictive Newman’s Own Organics protein pretzels. I was just about to dub them the best of Newman’s pretzel line, but it looks like Fitness Magazine beat me to the punch, going a step further by naming them the best healthy pretzel option. Congrats, Newm!


I might even like these as much as my beloved Snyder’s Organic Oat Bran babies…

Later, dinner gave into a little Asian persuasion. Mostly because once the Soy Vay hits your lips, the craving sticks ;).

This (re)creation fed off my penchant for plagiarism. My favorite wrap from my favorite local healthy salad/sandwich shop, Nature’s Grill, is called the Teriyaki Terrific.

It’s teriyaki chicken stir-fried with rice and veggies and throw in a wrap. It is—fittingly—terrific. Even so, I’ve always thought that the rice + wrap combo is a little carb-heavy. (This is coming from el mundo’s #1 carb-loader/lover. I did the Atkins and South Beach shenanigans in high school and learned a lesson in love carbs. The clichés are true: You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. During carb deprivation, I realized that YO QUIERO CARBS—PARA SIEMPRE.)

So last night, in the midst of my plagiarism process, I decided to 86 the rice and add some Sabra.


Whole wheat wrap, roasted red pepper Sabra hummus, fresh baby spinach, diced chicken, roasted red peppers, steamed broccoli, carrots, and sugar snap peas. Doused in Soy Vay—to ensure teriyaki terrificness.

I love how Soy Vay is so filled with sesame seeds! Mmmm.


Magic en mi boca.

On ze side: carrot fries & honey mustard.


These little guys were actually baby carrot fries. No kitchen=no peeling of the big boys, so baby carrots had to suffice.


Tasted the same as the big brother carrot fries. Shocker.


They were cuter, though.

Dessert options have been ridiculously unsatisfying because I am still out of popcorn. ALL I WANT IS POPCORN + SRIRACHA.

However, my pop-ish snack last time was wonderful.


Barbeque Popchips! Barbeque is my favorite chip flavor—so these had some seriously savory shoes to fill. I LOVED them! I think they are tied with the sea salt and vinegar—both incredible!

Oh yea, I also had these.


After a weekend of Halloween-induced INDULGENCIAS, I’d intended to swear off candy (particularly Kit Kats, Reese’s and Twix) for a while. But, my Pilates instructor pawned these off on us—and I hadn’t had any Skittles this weekend, sooooooo

Ok, amigas, I am glad to be back! Hope everyone’s Thursday is delicioso y divertido!