This, I am sure, is a legitimate holiday because it is currently a trending topic on Twitter. (Cough, follow me, cough.)

I had an epic bowl of oats esta mañana. But you’ll have to wait ‘til tomorrow to hear about those. Today, it’s all about my hump day happenings. (Side note: I secretly HATE the term “hump day.” I don’t know when I decided to initiate it into my official Wednesday vocabulary. I blame blogland.)

Hump-día (cue cringe slash giggle) kicked off with an affectionate cup of coffee.IMG_2017 Are you trying to tell me something, cinnamon?

Hazelnut creme coffee with almond milk, Truvia and una corazón de cinnamon.

I know I’ve only mentioned this briefly, but I’ve been trying really hard to nix my Splenda addiction usage. Microwave Madness Month has made this pretty easy because, with my kitchen’s contents currently residing in my living room, I’m not exactly sure where the Splenda is. I’ve been drinking my coffee without sweetener—though sometimes with a little equally-artificial Coffee Mate creamer—and I’m getting pretty used to it.

That said, I wanted to try Truvia in my cafe to see how it compared both to Splenda and plain sugar. ‘Twas splendid. I’ve missed sweet coffee; I think I was just convincing myself that I liked plain old milk & coffee because my Truvia-enhanced cup was the most enjoyable java I’ve had in weeks.

I’ve gotten several e-mails and comments asking me about Truvia’s taste, but I want to get a bit more acclimated in my Truvia testing before reporting back. From this cup—along with my Truvia-sweetened oats—I’ve found that it has a milder sweetness than both Splenda and cane sugar. One packet of Truvia won’t deliver the same sweetness strength as a packet of Splenda; but it also possesses no semblance of Splenda’s artificial taste. So far, me gusta.

After throwing a few back, I got around to eating.

Breakfast began with this.


I heeded the lid’s advice, and decided to spread the great taste of almonds.


No, not by filling the entire, nearly empty jar with a “baked” honeycrisp apple.


Though, that appears to be the case.


I assure you this almond love-spreading had a bit more substance.


Which came in the form of oat bran in a jar!


1/2 cup oat bran microwaved with 1 1/4 cup water, 1/2 frozen banana, and cinnamon. Topped with 1/2 honeycrisp apple “baked” in cinnamon and maple syrup. And topped again with más cinnamon and maple syrup.

Much like last time, I allowed the steamy oats to melt down the almond buttah walls by returning the lid while the apple “baked” in the microwave. I followed this up with some vigorous jar shaking.

I think this method worked…IMG_2034

Later, as I was snacking on my newest addiction—which I must remind myself is a vitamin, not a snack


…I received this text from la hermana.


It’s not as random as it seems. Luntz is a political strategist for whom I used to work, and Melissa—who is studying international environmental policy—likes to keep me up to date on companies/people who are or aren’t environmentally friendly. The POM part of the text reminded me that I received some POM Iced Coffee to try a few weeks back.

I went for the chocolate flavor.

IMG_2071 This tasted like straight up chocolate milk. Someone who likes chocolate milk would adore this drink; I, however, am not someone who likes chocolate milk. I sipped my way through about half before giving up on it. Ah, what could have been…

The chocolate milk/coffee whet my appetite before I was ready to prep lunch, so I had a container of plain greek yogurt with Fiber One and cinnamon.IMG_1616

This was my first Oikos ever! I want to try it sans cereal before comparing it to my beloved Fage. But from what I can tell from my cereal-mixed-in version, I loved it just as much as Fage. I don’t think its texture is quite as thick, but as a base for a yogurt mess, it was perfecto.

Thanks to Kristina, for sending me an Oikos goodie bag with some coupons.

Eventually I threw some lunch together.IMG_2036

Between toasted Arnold whole wheat bread: roasted red pepper Sabra, honey maple turkey, avocado, spinach, roasted red peppers and dijonaisse.

I warned you there’d be lots of honey maple turkey in the near future; I don’t understand why I’m suddenly obsessed with it.

My sandwich went for the whole leaning tower of Pisa look.


On the side, I had the other half of my A.M. honeycrisp.


Con cinnamon.

And a bag of Popchips.

I’d only tried (and LOVED) the salt and vinegar flavor before receiving my samples from Corinne, so I decided to try something new. I was obsessed with sour cream and onion chips when I was a kid, like wouldn’t-eat-any-other-flavor obsessed, so I went for these.


Loved. Salt and vinegar are still my #1 so far, but these had that same amazing chip-meets-rice cake texture and lots of sour cream and onion flavor.

(P.S.—If you’ve never heard of Popchips, read their snacker’s credo. I feel like I could have written it. And I adore #7: “you’re allowed to eat the whole bag.”)

Dinner began with una ensalada mexicana ENORME.


In the mix: 3 cups baby spinach, shrooms marinated in balsamic & honey, baby peppers, roasted red peppers, avocado, celery, red onion, habanero lime salsa and shredded white cheddar; dressed in celery salt, honey balsamic dressing and FSTG lime tortilla chips.

All the stars gravitated toward the center: big mound of habanero lime salsa and avocado, surrounded by honey balsamic marinated mushrooms, crushed FSTG lime tortilla chips and white cheddar.


The FSTG lime chips MADE this salad. They have such an intense flavor that, even though I only crumbled a handful’s worth of chips, you could taste the lime in every bite.

Cena Part Dos: Cheeeeeeetahs.IMG_2058

1 medium sweet potato—shaken in a Ziploc of EVOO, cinnamon and brown sugar—baked at 450° from 30 minutes, flipping half way.

This one goes out to a certain snacker who deserves all the success she’s recently encountered.


My dinner beverage was orange-hued, as well: v8 carrot juice.


LIES. I hate veggie juice. (I think.) That’s orange Fanta; but it could pass for carrot juice, no?

Ok, I’m off to get my shop on. I still don’t know what I’m being for Halloween! I can’t think of anything creative, and it’s really bothering me. Last year’s costume was pretty prodigious; perhaps I’ll share some (really embarrassing) pics tomorrow. Any ideas are welcome!