There’s no better way

to embrace a fall day

Than to regroup

with a big bowl of soup

¿Estás de acuerdo? If so, you should probably enter my sopa giveaway at the end of this post.

You should read about yesterday’s eats first, though :).

Thursday was warm and sunny—a peculiarity amid standard NYC fall weather. No soup was consumed.

When October hands you 70° weather, you make iced coffee.

IMG_1811 When you have limited access to dishware due to kitchen renovation, you enjoy that iced coffee in a classy Solo cup.

Alongside a more fall-appropriate breakfast (also enjoyed on the finest plastic china).

Microwave Pumpkin PieIMG_1807

I instantly fell in love with this DPAAB upon seeing it on Allie’s blog a couple weeks ago.

Piece-of-cake Pumpkin Pie Perfection: 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1 egg white, pumpkin pie spice and sweetener (I used brown sugar and maple syrup). Microwave for 3 minutes.

This will yield one of those precious little pies/pancakes/call–em-whatever-you-wants-you’re-going-to-be-addicted.

I made two grande “pies” since I was having them as my breakfast—give or take a couple Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Le frosting: 2 TBSP plain Greek yogurt, 2 TBSP cream cheese, 1/2 TBSP maple syrup.

And because I still can’t make up my mind about food looking more appetizing its messy or neat state, here’s messy…


…and here’s neat.


What’s the verdict?

Yo no sé. They both tasted equally delicioso.

Despite a nearly insuppressible temptation to re-create my pumpkin pie puddings for lunch, I went with a sandwich.

Cream cheese and pumpkin—my new favorite combo and breakfast’s star components—were involved.


Piled high between two slices of Arnold’s 100% whole wheat: cream cheese, pumpkin, mushrooms, spinach and roasted red peppers.


Me encanta.

I also had some mozzarella and balsamic. Just cause.IMG_1438 

I got slightly ravenous at an hour I deemed too early for dinner—so I toasted a whole wheat pita and some shrooms to serve as vehicles for la mejor salsa del mundo.


Oh yea, I might have melted a little cheese on the pita chips…

To all my vegans: this was vegan cheese! Are you proud?IMG_1824

You probably shouldn’t be. It was an accidental purchase made by Kev Thug—who seems to be losing a bit of his supermarket savvy. But I liked it!

However, there wasn’t enough salsa for both the shrooms and the chips. So I hit up another of Kev Thug’s purchases as a back-up dip. (Note: back-up, as used in the previous sentence, is not meant to denote inferiority. I don’t want to upset any hungry hippies on their birthdays…)

Remember that time my fridge was harboring hummus fugitives? It’s at it again.


So I relegated the pita chips to salsa dipping duties, and let the shrooms have their way with the Sabra.


I sort of plagiarized Erica’s dinner because her post reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make savory oats again. IMG_1844

In the bowl: 3/4 cup old-fashioned oats cooked in water and soy sauce; topped with broccoli, mushrooms, melted mozzarella and sriracha.


This spicy, cheesy rendition certainly rivals my basic Bittman first attempt. Such a perfect, flavor-packed, filling dinner.

Also had a cucumber that I’d previously marinated in balsamic, honey and krazy salt.IMG_1836

And since I’d had no fruit all day (except, is pumpkin a fruit?), I had an apple for dessert.IMG_1847 

And by apple, I mean “baked” apple.

With PB. Naturally. IMG_1850

Also plagiarized from a favorite blogger.

Ok, let’s get to that sopa giveaway.

Caroline from Campbell’s contacted me and offered to send me a Campbell’s V8 goodie bag to give away to one of my readers. Included is:

    • Campbell’s V8 Garden Vegetable Blend soup
    • A Campbell’s V8 Soup Health Journal and vegetable shaped pens to keep track of your servings
    • A Flip and Tumble shopping bag to stock up on vegetables
    • A Pedometer – to count your steps!

To enter this giveaway:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite canned/convenience soup.
  • Tweet about this giveaway, and leave a comment letting me know you did.
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Each of these counts as one entry.

The giveaway is open til Tuesday, October 27 at midnight EST, and I will choose a winner at random on Wednesday morning. Only open to residents of U.S. and Canada.

FYI: This isn’t the giveaway I’d told you I was conjuring up when I asked for suggestions. That is, however, in the works :).

Have a great weekend!