I feel like you all speak Spanish by now. But, in case you’ve not acquired full fluency, that’s sun and coffee.

Both of which—when enjoyed in excess—make me exceptionally happy and hyper. Both yesterday and today have involved mucho sol y café.

Today’s 70° weather trumps yesterday’s 65°—and has also made me even more predisposed to spending the entire day outside. So, again, I’m stopping in for a late quickie and then departing to gallivant the balmy Brooklyn streets. Also, I want to preemptively apologize for any coffee/sun-induced hyperness/loco-ness/senselessness that finds its way into this post.

Wednesday morning kicked off with something else that never fails to induce happiness and hyperness.


Numero uno was from Lindsey—whose giveaway I won last month.

Highlights included TJs bars, Hermits (exciting—since I’ve nearly polished mine off), Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea (which I’ve been dying to try since spying some celeb loving it often) and…

What’s that Ziploc in the back right corner?


Oh, just the most delicious Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.



In the process of transferring these little wonders into Tupperware, I enjoyed a couple as a breakfast appetizer.


Numero dos was from Corinne over at Popchips.


I’ve only ever tried (and LOVED) the salt and vinegar flavor—and I can’t wait to see if the other flavors are as good!

I passed on these as a breakfast component, and instead brewed some coffee and considered los posibilidades.

As the calming aroma of java permeated my construction-crazed casa, inspiration struck.

Coffee Oats!IMG_1719

I know it unappetizingly resembles baby food—and also what baby food looks like post digestion, if you catch my drift. But I assure you it was increible!


I simply cooked 1/2 cup oat bran in 1 cup coffee—and then drizzled this pantry newbie on top.

IMG_1718It’s no DCD (which I’ve not been able to find)—but it’s pretty good. Very sweet and very peanut butter-y.


I wish I had some magic Photoshop tool to make these oats look delicious because I can’t emphasize (or illustrate) how amazing they were! This bowl—combined with about 3-4 cups of coffee—had much to do with yesterday’s hyperactivity.

Lunch was a quickie because I wanted to enjoy every minute of Wednesday’s wonderfully warm un-October weather.

Un gran wrap mexicanoIMG_1769

In a whole wheat wrap, I layered: French Onion LC; roasted red pepper hummus; avocado slices, lettuce, turkey, roasted red peppers and habanero lime salsa.


Spicy y delicioso.

On the side I had an enormous pickle.


It was legitimately bigger than the wrap halves.

After being the giddiest New Yorker en las calles  yesterday, I came home HANGRY.

I brewed some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea (my newest obsession; I had 3 cups).


And snacked on a disproportionate trifecta of deliciousness.


2 vegan pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the BIGGEST pluot I’ve ever seen. This was the size of a GRANDE apple, and I loved it.

As I look at my pictures from dinner, I realize they are as misleadingly unappetizing as my coffee oats. You’ll have to take my word that dinner—despite its appearance—was amazing.

PPP: Peanut Pineapple PizzaIMG_1795

On a baked wrap: homemade peanut sauce, frozen spinach, pineapple, roasted red peppers, sesame seeds, garlic, krazy salt and más peanut sauce.

When I was younger, the only pizza I would tolerate was pineapple pizza. I think this creation was inspired by the fact that, now, pineapple reminds me of Thai food. And Thai food reminds me of peanut sauce.


The flavor combo was perfection. The peanut sauce made things really messy—which I didn’t particularly mind—but I think next time I’ll thicken it up with an extra tbsp. of peanut butter. Never hurts.

I had a pound of asparagus on the side.IMG_1794

That’s not an exaggeration; I don’t believe in portion control when it comes to veggies :).

Nor with popcorn.IMG_1804

Dessert was a bag of butter popcorn doused in cinnamon and one packet of brown sugar. Ningunas palabras.

Before I head back out, yo necesito some advice. Several spots have opened to attend the FoodBuzz festival. I’ve made no arrangements, but I could stay with family if I go. Thoughts?

Gracias for enduring this spastic post, as well as the unappealing pics. I promise tomorrow’s post will be full of photogenic eats :).

Casi viernes!