You know you’ve gone AWOL when your grandma calls to find out why you haven’t posted.

So, my apologies to both my lovely Nanny and my equally lovely readers for that impromptu hiatus. If you’ll have me back, I’d like to explain my absence.

Por favor, direct your attention to your browser’s URL window.

I present to you…


¡Sí! My own domain! I’ve been meaning to buy a domain for several weeks now because was kind of a mouth full, no? However, I kept putting it off because I (quite accurately) anticipated that my “Internets” illiteracy would pose some problems in the transferring of blog content.

Let’s not dwell on how long the blog transfer took (4 days) or play the blame game (WordPress and/or PayPal). Instead, let us celebrate The Foodie Diaries’ independence! (From the wordpress affix?)

Your Google Readers, blogrolls and links should automatically re-direct to the new site. But if this is not happening, please let me know!

(FYI: I am fast-forwarding over the weekend because it involved me being the worst blogger ever [pitifully capturing approx. 3 food photos], and I’m trying to put the past behind me and change my bad bloggin’ ways.)

Ok, let’s kick off el blog-o nuevo with Monday’s eats, which—if this post’s title didn’t give it away—featured an exceptional amount of strawberries.

Hmm, strawberries? Not very October-y, I know. But I figure I’ll have several months to eat in a seasonally appropriate fashion— on pumpkin to my heart’s content—so I seized las strawberries.

My fresa-filled day began with whole wheat toast, a generous smear of cream cheese and strawberry slices.


You know I swoon over anything featuring my crack of choice.

Breakfast part dos was fruit cereal.


In le bowl: 1/2 gala apple, 1 bossy Bosc-y pear, figs, strawberries, slivered almonds, ground flax, cinnamon and vanilla almond milk.

Cold fruity cereal? Again, sort of out of season.

But, my friends, when you discover brilliance in a bowl, you do not neglect it simply because your peers have deemed it “unseasonal.” Fresh fruit marinated in almond milk is always seasonal, if you’ve any respect for your taste buds.

End scene.

Come snack time, I revisited one of my laziest and most delicious weekend discoveries, makeshift PB & J glo bites!


Same as last time: warmed bran muffin with almond butter & strawberry preserves. I do want to get around to making the real thing, but the 1-2-3 allure of these knock-offs keeps diverting me.

Lunch was a variation of a sandwich that’s been on my mind since I  laid eyes on it during last Sunday’s Best Of…

Here’s my take on Ms. GC’s ingenious PB & strawberry sandwich.

PB & Fresa Quesadilla



-3 strawberries sliced

-1 whole wheat tortilla

-2 tbsp. peanut butter

Heat a non-stick skillet to medium-low and warm on side of the tortilla for 1 minute. Remove tortilla from heat, and smear peanut butter on one half. Return to skillet, and add sliced strawberries. Reduce heat to low, and warm until the underside begins to brown and the peanut butter bubbles slightly. “Close” the tortilla, and brown on each side for 1 minute—pressing with a spatula for several seconds on each side.


Oh, the “sour cream?” Greek yogurt with a little maple syrup and a lot of cinnamon.


Maybe I just think PB goes with everything, but the strawberry-PB combo was brilliant! And smearing that insanely delectable dollop across the whole quesadilla was invigoratingly messy & delicious.

Dinner came in two parts, and Part I was my only strawberry-free eat of el día.

Baked pita chips y hummus


For the pita chips, I simply cut a whole wheat pita into triangles, brushed both sides with olive oil and seasoned with salt and baked at 375º for 12 minutes.

My H.O.C. (hummus of choice, duh) was Sabra’s Greek Olive Hummus. I’m pretty sure this flavor is new-ish because I hadn’t tried/seen it ‘til this summer. Olive-aficionada that I am, it was love at first dip.


Hummus featuring olives + pita chips featuring visible salt crystals=proof that I am a salty-over-sweet chica, slash a sodium-fiend.

Dinner Part II was a new spin on my standard apple & tuna salad mix.

Playing the role of the apple? You guessed it. Strawberries!


In the mix: 3 0z. tuna; 3 strawberries, sliced; 2 generous greek yogurt dollops; chopped celery; slivered almonds; lemon pepper seasoning; krazy salt and drop o’ honey.


Thrown on a bed of baby spinach, romaine, red onion, celery and cherry tomatoes; decorated with ze standard honey/balsamic dressing mix.


And since I was clearly on a mission to consume an entire pint of strawberries in one day, I went for a sweet & simple strawberry sundae.


Ok, it wasn’t really a sundae. Just strawberries & whipped cream—but I can’t resist alliteration…

Is there any ingredient that finds its way into every single one of your meals on occasion? I don’t usually have strawberry-themed days, but I feel like there have been numerous occasions when ingredients like PB or apples make recurring appearances within a 24 hour period.

Alright, I must now depart to embark upon some errands. But, tomorrow I’ll be back with a mildly interesting update—nothing life-changing, but something that is going to seriously alter my eats for the next month! Any guesses?

Hasta mañana,