Not to pull the “my dog ate my homework” card, but Windows Live Writer ate my blogpost! We’ve been fighting all morning. And by fighting, I mean WLW won because it successfully swallowed my two attempts at writing (and re-writing) a weekend recap. Bully.

I have a busy day, and I have to run into the city now for a meeting—so I must surrender. But, Windows Live Writer, it ain’t over.

I’ll do my best to get this problemo fixed today and my weekend re-cap up tomorrow!

Til then, in lieu of eats, I leave you with some entertainment.

kev thug espana

That would be a picture of my dad, whom I’ve fondly dubbed Kev Thug, being force-fed a birthday shot in Spain.

I may or may not have celebrated my birthday in the same fashion earlier that month…

n2021753_47513507_9705 (1)

…although I guess you’re not being force-fed when the shot’s in your hand.

Ah well…

Happy Tuesday!