Dearest readers, please don’t go into disarray,

When on days beginning with “S,” I go M.I.A.

At the start of each work week, you’ll get a re-cap

And learn what edible discoveries fell into my lap

If the rhyming threw you off, that was my way of (1) reiterating my apologies for vanishing every weekend and (2) informing you that I’ve decided to re-cap my weekends in discovery-form. (See last weekend’s discoveries, if you missed the first edition.)

During this Rosh Hashanah weekend, I discovered












Foccacia tiles… featuring two of life’s greatest toppings/ingredients/foods-to-be-eaten-by-the-handful: olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Incredible. And something I need to re-create in the near future.

FYI: Foccacia bread is not usually a pre-Rosh Hashanah dinner snack. But my reformed Jewish familia doesn’t discriminate against non-traditional eats. Jewishness is not a pre-req; deliciousness is.

Back to the discoveries…


-Oatmeal beer.

My family also opts for swapping out the Manischewitz with a lot of beer from Long Island’s Blue Point Brewery. Since I don’t have a taste for even the most interesting of lagers, I stuck to vino—which leads to my next discovery…


-My lack of portion control when it comes to snacking also applies to wine. Hmmm, l’chaim?

The rest of my Rosh Hashanah eats are re-discoveries. I’ve had ‘em all before, but I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to fall in love all over again.


Apples and honey, for a sweet new year 🙂


Raisin challah. Holla.


Matzo ball soup. Golden rule: the more balls, the better. Easiest ever TWSS.

IMG_0636  IMG_0640 IMG_0642 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0647

Some other staples: Kasha, garlic spinach, string bean casserole, brisket, pulled turkey and corn.


All together now. The gold medal went to the kasha, but the pulled turkey was phenomenal. I usually skip the turkey during holiday meals in an attempt to make room for more veggies (ahem, dessert), but whatever sauce this was marinating in was highly addictive. As in, I went back for seconds.

Shortly after pulling the “I’m too full for dessert” card,  I spied this and discovered…


-I’m never too full for cheesecake.

Juuuust in case the apples and honey didn’t ensure a sweet new year…


Throughout the rest of the weekend, I discovered…

-Boy breakfasts and girl breakfasts are breeds all their own.

Even when the ingredients are identical,

 IMG_0657  IMG_0662

the results differ.

IMG_0659 IMG_0663 

(As you can see in the more masculine egg creation, I’ve still not mastered the art of properly stuffing a wrap…)

-Whomever decided that cream cheese is a spread,


clearly never experienced it as a dip.

Seriously, pretzels & cream cheese might change your life.

You are what you eat.


So by way of consuming Yogi cereal, I should be a yogi in no time.


In all seriousness, this may have been my favorite weekend find. Not only was it addictively delicious, it’s packing some impressive nutrients.

-Salt & Vinegar almondsIMG_0695

Just as addictively delicioso as the yogi cereal, with slightly less impressive nutritionals (i.e.: almonds, plus 1. artificially flavored, minus 1). As a lover of all things s&v, I’m willing to consume a little extra sodium diacetate (yum) in the name of the best tasting almond in existence.


I may have nailed down a recipe for the easiest, cheesiest “I know it’s healthy, but no one else can tell” mac & cheese ever.


Not to be a total c-tease (that’s cheese tease, perverts), but I want to run this by a few of mis amigos with superb mac & cheese taste before changing the world with the debut of this recipe.