So apparently I’ve deemed blogging a Monday-Friday shift—and decided you guys don’t mind when I go M.I.A. every weekend…

Jokes aside, as a newbie to food blogland, I’ve been trying to nail down that all elusive ideal posting schedule. I know I’d like to post at least once a day. But I think I need the Friday night-Sunday afternoon hiatus in order to fully immerse myself in all the weekend has to offer. By this I mean it is very difficult to achieve pith, wit and respectable eating habits when inebriated and/or hung-over. To assure you I’m not a total lush, I also enjoy having the free time to frolic around the city with my friends, at times without my camera in-hand.

That said, I do eat—lots—on the weekends. So I’m thinking every Sunday, a weekend-in-eats recap is in order.

During this particular half-dreary/half-beautiful NYC weekend, I discovered…


-Yellow zucchini is undeniably tastier when slightly burnt.

-If you love this:


But want to jazz it up in a manner more socially acceptable than this:


Cinnamon is a completely different but equally as delicious addition.


Seriously, sweet and salty—and something you need to try immediately.

IMG_0395 teddy-grahams-54646

-The former, while healthier, aren’t nearly as honey-licious and satisfying as the latter. However, when the organic bears combine forces with the following weekend discovery….


…and some vanilla bean ice cream….


…they redeem themselves by playing a vital role in one of the most indulgent—and adorable!—dessert bowls to date. All is not lost. Phew.

Peachy Keen Maple Yogurt=


Greek yogurt + fresh peach slices + maple syrup, also known as my latest attempt to make breakfast taste like dessert.


Eating peaches without maple syrup from here on out is going to prove difficult…

-Sliced apples and Laughing Cow in a warmed whole wheat pita is an incredible afternoon delight.


And I’m pretty disappointed in myself for taking so long to unite these two foodie favorites.

-Soy Vey! teriyaki sauce makes vegetables taste better. No matter what.


Especially when you are still trying to use up an abundance of butternut squash—and simultaneously making sure to eat it in new ways to preserve the strength of your love for said winter vegetable.


The necessity of my finger to keep this wrap in-tact during its photo-op leads to my next discovery…


-I routinely overstuff wraps to the point that they cannot close—or be consumed in front of (or by) any respectable human being.


-When you wake up craving ice cream, there is always a way to make it work (without eating straight out of the carton at 10 a.m.).


I present to you: Vanilla Bean Irish Oats Ice Cream


-Irish oats complimented by vanilla extract and cinnamon, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and, naturally, more cinnamon.


I promise, this hot and cold combo will force you to view both oats and ice cream in a whole new euphorically delicious light.IMG_0419

In conclusion, ice cream can be a part of your healthy morning breakfast. For calcium purposes, of course.

I hope my discoveries make up for my weekend disappearing act! Bloggers, what’s your ideal blogging schedule? And, what’s your ideal posting schedule for the blogs you follow?

Enjoy what’s left of your lazy Sunday!