nut squash!

That said, you can guess what made its way onto my dinner plate.


B-nut! A normal person would be sick of this by now, but not I. Plus, if it takes a new form, it doesn’t count as a repeat, right? Forget sliced or spread squash, you’ve not experienced the butternuttiness of this vegetable until you’ve mashed it. Mind you, I am mashed sweet potatoes’ #1 fan. And I still go bnuts over this side. Does it resemble something Gerber’s might sell in a jar? Sure. But if the delicious creations that come from oats and yogurt have taught us anything, we know that Thou shalt not judge a food by its mushiness. That’s in the Foodie Commandments, right?

Anyway, to prepare, I mashed up the butternut squash, added a little smart balance, salt and—the ingredient that works its magic every time—cinnamon. To. Die. For.


The main event was pan-seared tilapia with homemade spicy pineapple salsa. By homemade, I mean jarred Newman’s salsa mixed with pineapple and Sriracha hot sauce. It was a last-minute I-need-something-to-put-on-this-fish idea, but the sweet and spicy was on point.

A little too on point, I suppose. After dinner, all I wanted was more spiciness. So I turned to one of my all-time favorite snacks.

Disclaimer: I understand that most of you will think this sounds disgusting. That is fine. Still, I strongly encourage you to try it.


Good ole’ popcorn—not the spiciest of treats…


…Until you add this to the bag.

The result:


Call me a freak, if you please. I can take it, but I stand by—and frequently consume—this flavor combo. My roommate introduced the creation to me in college, and I’ve been hooked since my first handful.

Do you swear by any food combos that others find weird?

Still tasting the hot sauce,