I didn’t mean to drop the D-bomb on you, but I have been in a breakfast state of mind all day.

I woke up to a serious tummy tug o’ war deciding between a yogurt mess breakfast or an omelet. I went for the yogurt mess because (a) it was the easier option and (b) it never disappoints. 


My balanced breakfast included a granny smith, coffee and a yogurt mess re-run—intentionally positioned in size order and unintentionally reflecting the components’ spectrum of deliciousness—Granny being mildly delicious and Yogi being mind-blowingly delicious. I’m not hating on Mrs. Smith, but let’s face it. Hazelnut coffee + creamer + cinnamon > plain old apple. And, though I have a special place in my heart stomach for caffeinated delicacies…


Fage + honey + cinnamon + grahams > coffee—no matter how you dress it up.

After realizing that this may be my favorite greek yogurt combo ever, I moved onto my A.M. dessert.


I kid. While these things taste like candy to me, they’re actually…IMG_0299

vitamins! Gummy vitamins for adults, to be exact—which are pretty essential in life, if you ask me. How are we expected to just grow up and abandon taking our vitamins in either Flintstone or gummy form? Apparently, we’re not. I’m currently working my way through the orange ones—because the pinks are exponentially better.

I’m a calcium fiend—because (a) I don’t drink much milk and (b) my body hates me and bestows fractures upon me every time I attempt physical activity—so I’m happy to pack it in any way I can. But I’m pretty sure those gummies set off my sweet tooth because, an hour after breakfast, I found myself gravitating toward (and by that I mean eating) these goodies:IMG_0303

If that looks like a never-ending bag of trail-mix heaven, that’s because it is. Here, my friends, we have bin candy. My college amigas called me out on my last post for not capturing all of the bin candy we ate over the weekend—so I figured a tribute was in order.

The treat we’ve dubbed bin candy hails from the bins at our local D.C. grocery store. Despite being a pretty standard supermarket, the place has an incredible selection of nuts, nut mixes, chocolate and granola. I don’t think we’ve ever made it through a grocery shop without creating one of these goodie bags.


The superstars are the roasted cashews and the chocolate covered peanuts. As I was fist-deep in this sweet and salty bin candy blend, I came across Kristen’s latest post on portion control. I don’t usually think about my portions because I think I have a pretty good understanding of well-balanced, well-sized meals. But the irony gods caught me red-handed today. I almost never think about portions when it comes to snacking. And I’m going to guesstimate that I almost always consume way more than the recommended serving size of those snacks. I hate the idea of counting and measuring food—but I do wonder exactly how overboard I go sans moderation. Just some Foodie Food For Thought… Do you portion out your snacks? Do you think it’s possible to intuitively gage snack portions based on stopping once you’re satisfied?

Anyway, lunch ended up being breakfast part dos. I guess my stomach knew what it wanted this morning—yogurt AND eggs. I tried to lunchify the egg craving by making an egg quesadilla.

Egg Quesadilla—for when it’s past a Breakfast Burrito hour:

  1. Fry two egg whites in cooking spray, and season with salt, pepper and paprika. Set aside.
  2. Brown a whole wheat tortilla on one side. Flip. Add your cheese of choice while the other side browns.
  3. Reintroduce los egg whites.
  4. Use a spatula to get your tortilla into quesadilla form.
  5. Top with plain greek yogurt and salsa!


I threw some leftover avocado into the mix for a true experiencia mexicana.


And I went for an American and cheddar cheese combo—with matching nail polish.


Last step is cutting it into quesadilla triangles and making a saucy mess—because Mexican just doesn’t feel right if it’s not messy!

Hasta dinner!