Because I’m on a mission to defy portion control have no self-control, I did some more bin candy grazing throughout the afternoon… and perhaps into the evening. This left me less-than-hungry come dinnertime, so I just had this:IMG_0322

Jokes, people. That was the boring base of what came to be a veggie-loaded ensalada deliciosa. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. Salads should taste good! If you’ve ever created a Whole Foods salad—hot bar mix-ins included, of course—you understand the flavorful potential that every bed of lettuce holds. One of my favorite “breeds” of salad are the kinds that host a mix of veggies from both the raw and cooked disciples. I’m mildly obsessed with throwing grilled vegetables in my salad.

Tonight I added a veggie I’d not previously salad-ified into the mix, one of my fall favorites: butternut squash! It can be a pain to prepare—but it is seriously so rich and versatile. Tonight I steamed it without peeling it first, which completely took the pain out of the prep.


It literally just fell out of its skin after steaming for about 40 minutes. (Expect to see a lot of b-nut squash in the next few days because I’m pretty sure I have upwards of a pound leftover…)

Needless to say, b-nut was one of my cooked veggie components in this hot and cold mix. Its other hot brethren were peas and grilled zucchini. (Grilled zucchini boosts any salad’s savory status. Never fails.) The cold mix-ins were celery, yellow peppers, sweet onion and garbanzo beans.



Dressed up in balsamic and celery salt, and accompanied by a whole wheat pita. My new thing: smearing a LC wedge in the warmed WW pita and occasionally stuffing in some of the salad goods.


Halfway through, I realized I should’ve thrown these slivered almonds in…


So I did! You see, I do exercise control with nuts if I happen to be polishing off the perfectly portioned remainder of a container… That counts, right?

I am so in love with the grilled-meets-raw veggie salad combo right now. Like so contentedly in love that I’m not even thinking about dessert. Sometimes I freak myself out when vegetables invoke this level of elation…

Buenos noches, bloggies,