Ok, not the cleverest of wordplays. But my 22-year-old taste buds went into kiddy mode this morning and had no interest in oats or greek yogurt. I, of course, welcomed their childish presence, tuned in carefully to find out what they were craving and heard the jovial noises of… Snap, Crackle and Pop!


Rice krispies!—it’s been too long, fellas. I didn’t want to neglect my grown-up (ew) taste buds entirely, so I doused the noisiest cereal ever created with almond milk and allowed my spoon to find its way into a jar of almond butter.


I also gave ‘em a whipped-cream-laden, cinnamon-sprinkled cup ‘o joe—just for letting the kiddy taste buds have their way with breakfast.


The adultiest drink and kiddiest breakfast join forces. What a delicious oxymoronical morning?

After I refilled both of the above morning delights, I had some packing to do. I’m about to hit the road for a weekend trip to our nation’s capital! Well, I’m starting my weekend early because—one of the few perks of unemployment—I can!

I was originally just heading down to D.C. for the weekend to celebrate my college roommate’s birthday. (She is my foodie soulmate, and I am premiering le blog to her as part of her present! I know my personal blog doesn’t seem like much of a gift, but, trust me, this is going to be food porn for this particular homegirl.) But, my sister—who also attends American University, my alma mater—is, how shall we put this, less than organized. Case in point: She moved in two weeks ago and has yet to unpack her clothes, organize her room or—get thisgo food shopping! Que loca!

So, big sister/food-shopper/clothing-folder/organizational machine to the rescue. I am going to get hermanita’s life in order! Plus, we are freaky close. And she’s been gone for two weeks.  And I miss her. A lot. So, there might be some personal incentive for going down early, too.

Anyway, I decided to take this youthful feeling and run with it. A.k.a. I packed the most kid-friendly of lunches.


Why, PB & jelly, of course!

IMG_0205 IMG_0204

I’ve always liked mine light on the jelly and heavy on the PB—especially when it’s super chunky PB, my absolute fave. What’s your PB and jelly ratio of choice?


Cut into halves like any legitimate kiddy sandwich


And then positioned to resemble Pacman because I’m nerdy creative like that…


And for kiddy snacks: a honey graham z-bar (what’s with me and grahams lately!?) and a behemoth of a ginger crisp apple.

Pretty easy packin’. Just so happens that kiddy lunches = great on-the-go lunches. So, kudos, kiddy taste buds!

I must bid you adieu so I can attempt to beat traffic—and crack into my lunchbox (I kid…).