…Gigi gets.

But before I tell you who Gigi is and what exactly she wants, let me tell you how my cupcake run went.

I really wanted to bake some homemade cupcakes for the birthday girl, but I was busy with errands all day and just didn’t have the time. (How am I going to budget my time when I actually have a job!?) Lucky for me—and Gigi, I guess—Plan B wasn’t too shabby.

My favorite cupcake joint—Little Cupcake—is a five-minute walk from my house and dishes out better cupcakes than I could ever create. On the walk over, since my iPod was dead and I needed to find some way to occupy myself, I snacked on a Gala.

Twas a perfect time-killer because just as I finished, I arrived here:

Little cupcake

Where I purchased two of their best-selling, better-than-any-other-cupcake-I’ve-ever-tried Red Velvets.


I may or may not have enjoyed one on the walk home… No self control, I tell you.

Anyhow, back to the title of this post.


This is Gigi, the five-year-old birthday girl I told you about before. She’s my dad’s girlfriend’s daughter, and she’s just like a little sister to me. I’ve known her since the day she came to America (she’s adopted from Guatemala) when she was just 10 months old. She is probably one of the most adorable, animated kids ever, and, no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. She bears a strong resemblance to Dora the Explorer.

So, Gigi had the honor of picking out the venue for her small family birthday dinner. Mind you we live in NYC—and it’s restaurant week—but a girl wants what a girl wants… And this birthday girl wanted…

Applebees! Womp, womp… and I had such high hopes for her future as a foodie! My beef with Applebees: I ate it way too much in high school (I’m talking several times a week), and now the place just makes me nauseous—especially the salads! Their greens really freak me out. I know, I’m weird.

Salads being off the table and all—it came down to either a chicken portobello sandwich or a cajun lime tilapia. The waitress said the sandwich was miniscule—at a chain restaurant!?—so I went for the fish.


I cannot tell a lie. I cleaned my plate, and I loved every bite. It was really blackened and spicy, and the corn and bean on top were pretty clutch. Perhaps there is some hope for Gigi’s foodie future…

Dessert was a super chocolate-y cake—that looked a whole lot like that cake from Matilda, right?


…which I passed on because—please don’t throw rocks—I’m not a chocolate girl. It really doesn’t do anything for me and my buds (as in taste, not amigos)—but please don’t hold this statement against me if you see me eating chocolate. It does happen on occasion—either out of boredom, lack of other options or inexplicably random cravings.

Although right about now, I’m feeling dessert-deprived, and there’s a good chance I’ll be making my way into the kitchen for a little late night snack. Decisions, decisions…

What are your go-to late night snacks? Come on, make my mouth water…

Buenos noches,