Told you I’d be back for la cena, my favorite meal—and one I do not skip. Ever. Fullness can’t hold me down.

Except… despite my serious snackage, I was definitely ready for dinner when that time rolled around. In an attempt to lighten things up after all that Food Should Taste Good, I decided to chef up a Salad Should Taste Good. Because it should, always! Here’s my salad philosophy: Be inventive, daring and generous with your mix-ins. I really do not comprehend the whole three-ingredient, lettuce-tomato-cucumber salads. I’m not saying you should negate the health benefits of your salad by dousing it in Caesar dressing and croutons. But salads are meant to be fun! Lettuce is the perfect simple starting point for getting creative and making your salad taste good. And that it did…


In le mix: Romaine, corn, onion, red bell pepper, avocado, slivered almonds and dried cherries, dressed up in some balsamic and a little celery salt. (Have you ever thrown celery salt on your salad? If not, try it. Immediately.) And that’s some warmed-up whole wheat pita—because when doesn’t that go well with a jazzy salad mix like this one?

This was a perfect follow-up meal to my less-than-balanced snacks of choice. Now, what’s a perfect follow-up meal without a perfect follow-up dessert? I came to terms with the fact that if I didn’t do dessert now, it’d end up happening later, a la last night.

Keeping with the theme of last night, remember when I smeared some cream cheese on my grahams and thought it tasted like cheesecake? Tonight, I took tasting like cheesecake to the next level…


Strawberry cheesecake ice cream topped with—what else?—crushed grahams.


I have a pretty steadfast salty-over-sweet mantra, so I’m not usually an ice cream girl. But cheesecake ice cream? A whole ‘nother ballgame.


See that little nugget smack in the center? That’d be a big cheesecake chunk—many of which made appearances in that little bowl of mine. I’m not sure if I used the cheesecake ice cream as a vehicle to get in some more grahams, or the other way around. Either way, this dessert took the cheesecake.

Moral of the story: Food, salad and ice cream should taste good!

See you all mañana!