Last night’s dessert-deprivation led me to end my day with the same goodie that kicked it off. No, I didn’t recreate my magical Monday morning mix, but I definitely hit up those whole wheat graham crackers.

Unfortunately, I’ve got zero pics to share because who actually wants to document their late-night snackage? Plus, I thought I’d only be munching on one graham cracker. That number obviously multiplied once I had the brilliant idea of smearing some cream cheese on those suckers. It was almost like eating cheesecake. Almost. Looking back, I should’ve busted out a little jelly, too. I guess there’s always tonight…

I woke up this morning craving one thing: apples and peanut butter! Best feeling in the world: Waking up and knowing exactly what you want to eat. Actually… best feeling in the world: Waking up and knowing what you want to eat, and then proceeding to take that craving to a new level of deliciousness.

A.K.A., instead of just going for this:


…I went for this:


Oooh yes, I did. PB and apples in Fage greek yogurt, with a little cinnamon and honey.


I love turning tried-and-true snacks into new, exponentially-more-exciting eats! I know the above pic is prettier, but this breakfast was much more enjoyable once I made a peanut butter-swirly mess of it.


Ay dios! As you can see from yesterday and today’s morning munchies, I’ve got some serious love for my Fage. It’s just perfectly creamy and the ideal base for all of my crazy A.M. concoctions. I haven’t ventured into Chobani or Oikos—but, por favor, tell me, greek yogie goddesses: What’s your greek yogurt of choice? And why? I’m always willing to branch out, especially because Fage is pretty pricey.

Ok, I’m off to find some way to enjoy this beautiful end-of-the-summer NYC weather!

See you later!