…which I forfeited to without much of a defense.

Breakfast was a bombshell, but, you know, beauty doesn’t equate to fullness. Yea, that didn’t really make sense, but it sounded pretty philosophical, so I went with it. Realization of the day: Neglecting to doctor my Greek yogurt up with some good ole carbs=O.H.F. (One Hungry Foodie) in approx. one hour.

My initial attempts to lull my rumbling tummy were valiant. I went for all things fruity.


Frozen grapes and a kiwi. I tried to eat the kiwi in its full form a la Kath, but furry fruit just isn’t my foodie forte (is it wrong that alliteration excites me?). I spit that bite out, decided not be lazy and peeled the rest before consumption.

Then I got on to enjoying the beautiful 73 degree weather by… shopping? Usually I’d opt for being outdoorsy but, currently, I have some mysterious hip injury (a.k.a. no running) + no gym membership. So, uh, sedentary lifestyle, here I come? Ah, whatever, I walked there and back.

By the time I got home, I was famished. So I made an egg white omelet with way-too-much-for-any-other-person-but-myself portions of spinach, American + feta cheese and Sriracha hot sauce.


Omelets never keep me full for long, so I made sure to bust out my stash of Synder’s Organic Oat Bran pretzels (pictured with iced mango green tea, mmmm).


Have you tried these? If not, get on ‘em STAT. Oat bran in the form of pretzels? My word. I’m considering getting a lifetime supply in case they’re discontinued or some tragedy along those lines. I didn’t mean to eat half the bag, but that’s never the intention, is it?

After some errand running, O.H.F.-syndrome struck again. It really is one of those B.P.D.s (Bottomless Pit Days).

I was so not in a real food mood. So I got my SnackFace on—let’s be serious, it’s been on all day—and let these twin culprits do their damage.


There was about a quarter of a bag left in each of these. But I meant business, and, in the end, all that was salvaged was…

IMG_0187 IMG_0182

…the bags themselves.

No regrets. It was delicious, simple snacking—a bit gratuitous, I admit. But, people, I think I am finally full.

Do you ever have those B.P.D.s? If so, what’s your remedy of choice? I kind of think the only cure for mine was lots ‘o snacking, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

See you after dinner—because I’m never full enough to skip that!