Welcome to The Foodie Diaries!

I’m Sarah, the aforementioned foodie, and this would be the very first “diary.” I’m a 22-year-old recent grad, living in NYC, loving food (duh) and trying to come up with a master plan to turn that love for food into a career!

If you so desire, you can read all about me here, and a little more here.

I’ve been having a secret love affair with food blogs for a few months now. And I figured there’s no time like the present to quit lurking and start flogging (new term for food blogging?). I’m not exactly sure what will come of this blog. But I hope to:

  • Share my eats—the delicious, the horrific and the straight-up shameful (hopefully mostly delicious?)
  • Discuss food, health, fitness and all that jazz
  • Experiment with new recipes, and dish out some of my tried-and-true oldies
  • Review products and restaurants
  • Occasionally impart some more in-depth pieces of writing on food, wellness and life in general
  • Oh yea, and possibly figure out what I want to do with my life. Asking too much? I didn’t think so.

But, alas, I am only half the equation of The Foodie Diaries. The other half… well, that’d be you. I’m really looking to my readers—currently an imaginary community, haha—to engage in a foodie forum. And, in an effort to feed my insatiable curiosity of all things food and health-related, I’m really hoping to learn from you all. From new foods to new nutrition findings to something I’m eating that you’re pretty sure is going to kill me—please don’t hold back (especially on that last one), I want in on all of it!

But, I guess I should quit blabbering and get into what you guys really want—ze goods, a.k.a. my foods! I can’t really expect you to endure these rants of mine without backing up all my talk, can I?

My premiere Foodie Diaries b-fast


Fage greek yogurt with cinnamon, honey and–this is where the magic happens–whole wheat graham crackers.


Oooooooohmygod. Graham crackers in greek yogurt!? Why have I not done this before?? The mix was pretty ingenious… Los tastebuds were definitely feeling it. I know everyone is on board the flavored Chobani bandwagon right now–but I’m a big fan of plain ole greek yogurt because I love making creations like these!

I also enjoyed some watermelon and undocumented iced coffee, in an attempt to pretend the summer isn’t coming to an end…

On to lunch…


Corn tortillas with queso mexicano, tuna salad (a little mayo, mustard, celery and onion in le mix) and avocado slices.

And what’s a girl to do with the leftover avocado and tuna? They seemed like the perfect excuse to bust out the to-die-for Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips. Good call, Sar. Sunflower seeds, saltiness and other succulent seasoning–those chips never cease to amaze me.

Ok, I’m off to do a cupcake run because it’s a very special five-year-old’s birthday today. And nothing says feliz cumpleanos like a cupcake, especially when you’re five! (Or 22… whatevs…)

Hasta dinner!